A HAPPY NEW PROJECT (Forcing a Return to an Old Project)

You may or may not have noticed that you have been seeing less of Kelly on the blog over the last nine months, especially for project that included scraping lead paint or sniffing fumes… Or maybe you noticed when you did see her, she had a slightly larger mid section??

Well if you didn’t, we were expecting! And the big news ( and new project) is our son, who was born happy and healthy! …And 3 weeks early!
1 -IMG_4578

We had been working on numerous projects, trying to get everything ready in time.

We finally decided on living room furniture.

After all it’s important to have somewhere to sit when holding the baby and entertaining all the visitors.

But like everything else we just couldn’t decide on the chairs until we found these modern interpretations of wing backs from West Elm. Perfect to cozy up next to the fire place holding a new baby! : )


We also needed somewhere for the baby to sleep… a fairly important item.

5 -IMG_3907

So Kelly refinished this family antique bassinet that she slept in.
6 -IMG_4468

We starting finding all the accessories for the nursery, including this cute rocker (an affordable Eames knock-off). You can also see our Tripp Trapp high chair, a must have for those who don’t want a giant hunk of plastic sitting in their dining room. Besides having nice clean lines, it is adjustable as the baby grows so he can always sit with us at the table starting the day we brought him home from the hospital. 7 -IMG_4467

So what’s missing you ask, well just the nursery!

8 -IMG_4794

We are using the ‘orange bedroom’ next to ours for the nursery which is 90% complete.

Back in late 2009 we removed the old radiator pipes running in the corner, moved the radiator to the opposite wall for a better room lay out and plumbed it with new pex, added new accent lighting and painted.

Then in late 2011, we decided to demo the closet and the wall between this bedroom and the adjacent bedroom to make workable closets for all.




9 -IMG_4798

That brings us up to today, and what still needs to be done. There is a nice big hole in the floor from when we removed the radiator piping (you can see a little bit of it in the above picture, bottom right), we need to extend the picture rail to the new closet wall (it previously stopped at the closet we demo’ed), add CURVED curtain rods to the bay window, and some touch-up here and there. Nothing that should take too long, except when you are now doing it all around a baby’s schedule!

Hey, I thought I had a whole 3 more weeks! But thankfully the bassinet fits nicely in our bedroom for now.

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