Spring Gardening

In anticipation of Cinco de Mayo and my birthday, we freshened up our front stoop flowers and garden with the help of our garden cat:

First things first, bring out the freshly purchased flowers and decide where to plant them:

Such a beautiful day for hanging out in the garden:

A new spring mix in the old chick&hens planter:

Our boxwoods sadly did not make it thru the winter, so we replaced both of them. Crazy eyed Maddy helps out with the demo work:

All the new flowers and boxwoods. The white pot holds a cut off we got in January and has been blooming in a vase of water ever since.

In the garden, we weeded and set out our solar path lights and bunnies. I also pulled out some persistent ivy choking the liriope. The hostas are perennials and are starting to peek thru the flowers from the onion grass:

Here’s perspective on how tall those flowers are. I had to push back the flowers along the path just to walk. It’s like a carpet of flowers:

A week later, and these gorgeous irises bloomed. Photos do not do them justice. This is the first year they looked so big and healthy.

As you can see here, the onion grass flowers have withered a bit to give full glory to the irises and hostas. Sunsets on Madison are lovely:

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