Ready to Paint Yet?

We are hoping to paint part of the basement tomorrow night and have been doing all kinds of odds & ends in preparation.

We pulled some additional wire to add speakers to the kitchen & dining room for our house wide stereo & intercom.

Luckily we had left the back of the head end for the intercom open in our living room closet so it was easy to pull the wires up into it.

On a side note, the mirror that you see in the closet is another project that we never completed… We got it at an antique salvage place and were going to use it in our half bath… Until we decided it was easier & faster to just buy a new one : ) .

We ran some new wiring for switched dedicated power tool outlets, shop exhaust, and the dust collector.

And finally cleaned & vacuumed the space…

Almost ready to paint !

2 responses to “Ready to Paint Yet?

  1. I am interested to hear more about your speakers. Do you plan on installing a whole house audio system?

    I have been reading you blog for a while now and I am very impressed with the progress.

    • Thanks Mike! We do have a whole house speaker/ intercom set up that we use all the time with radio, or iPod. We started with one per floor then decided to add a few more – then a few more – and now we have one in almost every room. We’ll still have separate speakers for our tv but in general love our system.

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