Countdown To Thanksgiving… Window Edition

We’re hosting our first Madison Square Thanksgiving for our families in just 5 days, and believe it or not there’s a lot on our to-do list besides grocery shopping. For instance, finish up the living room window details. New stained oak trim, but existing painted white window. The radiator cover below the window was white too – we painted it over the summer but never really blogged about. So here’s the sneak peek of that:

And here’s a sneak peek of the neighbors cat who came to visit while I painted the window a shade complementary to the stained oak trim. Much more soothing than the glaring white next to the nice wood. Anyway, cat:

After the cat inspection, which lasted a few minutes and involved some suggestions like, ‘why not paint some mice and birds on that?’, I was able to finish up. These photo make it look a bit orange. Paint not cat.

Less white paint:

Plus a new pull! This was a find by my dad. Interesting fact: the screw holes were in the exact same place as the previous hardware.

Ok here’s the view from afar. Still looks a bit bare, though:

So we hung the new double curtain rod, and here’s the curtain/ sheers mock-up (still needs hemmed):

What does this have to do with Thanksgiving? We’re setting up our table in here! It’s a few feet longer than our dining room, and when there is potential for 20 people to sit at one table, the longer the room the better.

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