We’re Alive, Sorta

We’ve slowly dropped off the blog but that’s only because we’re working feverishly toward a big deadline… Our final city inspection for our permit! So to show you just one of the dozen loose ends we’re tying up, may I present, our credenza door fronts.

Or rather, lack thereof. Here is a progress shot. Ikea nexus yellow-brown; matches our kitchen cabs. There’s a GREAT story about these fronts, that I can finally talk about now that the crazy is long behind us. We ordered these cabinets and fronts at the same time as our kitchen cabs- right when we moved in 2009 at one of ikea’s kitchen sales. We installed everything but the fronts of the credenza and half bath by spring 2010. Fast forward to the end of 2011 when we opened the door front boxes to discover they were dark brown. As in, NOT matching the kitchen cabs. Well to make a long story short, they were ordered wrong by our crazy ikea kitchen consultant, ikea discontinued the color we needed in 2010, but we found someone on eBay selling pretty much exactly the fronts we needed, and strangely enough this person lived in Philly and so we bought them from her but have to modify the two drawer fronts. That’s the SHORT version.

So here’s the fronts installed. Hardware in the future. Two drawers and two cabinets with two doors each. The cabinets are ~12″ deep because there’s a hidden radiator back there.

So, more later. Wish us luck on the inspection!

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