More of the Same

We’re still doing stucco and painting…

We did a bit last night with the assistance of our work lights

And then got up at 6AM this morning to do more.

We managed to get 95% of final coat done! And it matches reasonably well. It took a little while to get the texture right but once I got it it was relatively easy. The color will be a little lighter once dry but will darken with time.

Oh course the heat wave continues! Since we started doing the masonry two weeks ago it has been consistently in the upper 90’s every day we try to work! … We can’t mix up too much at a time, need to keep the stucco, pointing, concrete, etc from drying too fast by constantly wetting it down to avoid cracking and of course we keep hydrated.

While I have been stuccoing outside, Kelly got the final coat of paint on the walls.

So we are done for now… The ladder and mixer have been returned to the Tool Library … And we are off to a barbecue!

Stay Cool and enjoy the weekend!

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