Happy 4th!

Kelly’s mom, dad, & sister came up to Philly on Tuesday evening for the 4th… To both give us a hand and fireworks. We started our visit at the Tool Library to borrow a 36′ ladder. Luckily it is only a short ride to our house.

I started Wednesday with hitting a few spots in the living room so Kelly could apply the last coats of paint.

Then we prepped the remaining rear windows for stucco. We had to pack some of them out to make the final stucco flush with the surface.

We had to do one window in our neighbor’s yard (half bath) and two on the 2nd floor (small bedroom & bathroom).

It is always slow work working on 36′ ladder.

Done with this coat. It already looks better.

The surface of the “scratch” coat is always scored to give the next coat something to anchor into for a good bond. I also finished patching behind the gutters while we had the ladder out.

Meanwhile inside Kelly finished the final coat on the ceiling. Looks good.

We then finished out day with grilling on the deck and of course fireworks.

Happy 4th of July!

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