Happy Couchaversary

We interrupted our crazy house schedule yesterday to celebrate our anniversary by going out to dinner at Parc on Rittenhouse. It was perfect: we got the table we wanted right away, made friends with the manager who helped us pick the perfect bubbly, the food was delicious, they didn’t rush us, and they ended the meal with an unprompted sparkler in our dessert. So us:

But the night did not end there… because we decided to assemble our new ikea karlstad couch! We bought it this past weekend the very last day of their sale, but we’ve had our eye on it for the third floor since the day we moved in. Our current couch is the tillary from west elm, that we brought from our old city loft. The pros and cons are that it’s cosy, which means too small and low for the largest gathering space in the house.

First we slid the tillary to the other side of the room for now, so our upstairs is currently a big lounge:

This couch is huge. Assembly was definitely a two person job… Getting some of the covers on was tough but eventually happened:

Wow, a couch! It fills the entire corner and in person reminds me of a fifties FLW style built in.



Just one of the many steps in the evolution of our hang space up here.

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