Back Porch Replacement – Day 5

Today is another big day, the gate must go up (since I have work tomorrow).

To start the column got wrapped in plywood,

Then it was flashed at the bottom, wrapped in tar paper, and covered in wire mesh in preparation for the stucco.

Next the frame of the fence was built with pressure treated preserved lumber.

Meanwhile Bill skinned the door in the bead board that Kelly primed.

Of course it was another super hot day with rain showers but a rainbow came out to keep us going!

And finally after dark, it was time to give it all a try, and it was truly a family affair to just lift the door. That is Kelly’s Mom & Dad both lending a helping hand. (Also notice the new section of galvanized track that Bill had to drive all around looking for to replace the stolen section)

So here it is finally up & open.

And yes it does also close.

There is a lot more space on the inside now even with all our materials piled up.

Some adjustments still need to be made and there are a few open item to be completely but at least we have a gate again! We are very happy with what we accomplished in our 5 day charrette, and the rest of the work will need to wait for next weekend…

One response to “Back Porch Replacement – Day 5

  1. What size if the wire mesh you used? The woven wire there looks great visually, and I was wondering if you knew how many wires per inch there is in this wire cloth: – they have a good measuring guide, but they do not mention any mesh that might be used for stucco on their site.

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