Update: Stained Glass!

McElf has been working some intense studio hours up in Buffalo, creating the magnificent stained glass window of our living room’s dreams. On top of busting serious hours designing, cutting and creating, she put together a video of the process. You must check it out on YouTube!

But first, the highlights. The studio has gotten A LOT more colorful:

Snip cut snip cut… Love the blue glass:

Molds for the cast shell pieces, which used a plaster mold we cast from our circa 1900 fireplace tile:

Almost all the pieces are ready:

Really Close Up – of some of the pieces. McElf is really coaxing all these cool pieces of glass and using her creativity and expertise in unique glass techniques to make one amazing window:

Needless to say McElf has been super busy – and we are super excited! What do you think?

This is Part II Construction Update. Missed the last update ?
Also check out McElf’s Project Intro here, for the stats!

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