Plants: Not In The Dark This Time

We decided to try tomatoes again this year- the idea of fresh tomatoes and free plants from my parents inspired us – but this time we’ve craftily put the planters in the alley side above our current gate. From inside the kitchen:

Moving up two flights… The deck plants, one week later, in semi-daylight, but overcast:

Vinca vines, dwarf french marigolds (in an attempt to scare away the persistent caterpillars), and the tall plant is angel face. The angel face did really well last year, so we brought it back for round two despite the funny name.

Celosia (tall orange / red) is a repeat from last year. The purple is ageratum and the yellow is African marigold. Our sedum is growing strong and starting to bloom and there’s the requisite spiky plant in the corner…

So cool close up:

Hopefully they’ll fill in well and we’ll give you an update in a few weeks!

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