Sand & Stain: Doors

Saturday consisted of a lot of filling, sanding and staining of the two clear finish/ unpainted doors for the half bath and coat closet in the living room. These doors did not come with the house, and were good finds but they needed some love.

I’m looking lovingly at that door. Not really:

I’ve been working in the alley for this project, which gets a surprising amount of sun- plus we like the benefit of not filling our house with sawdust. I started sanding only the areas the really needed it, and sanding gently, but quickly realized it was going to be easier and more consistent to just sand the whole perimeter. Plus I could sand deeper to get out most of the minor dents and dings – which in the end will make for a door worthy of our living room.

After figuring out which of the many many stains we have matched best, I cleaned the sawdust off the door and then wiped the stain on with a clean white rag.

Rob holds up the door for me to check the progress in a non horizontal view. You can really see how tall it is here. It glows:

Of course there is still the back of this door and another door as well:

Once the filling, sanding & staining is done on all the sides, they’ll receive a coat of poly… Lots of work but will be worth it!

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