Back on the Job

It was time to finally finish the trim around the living room window.

We originally thought we would refinish the old wood next to the window, but then came up with the idea of milling a one piece cover to go right over the old crooked stuff.

We had to glue up the material to get sufficient depth and cut out the back to go over the old trim.

We then ran it through the rotor to get the profile. Here is the lovely bit.

And up it went. The hardest part was milling and cutting the trim but then it went right up on the first try!

Being all one piece of trim made the corner cuts tricky but they came right together.

We also finished patching the half bath door,

And Kelly got started sanding & restraining the doors.

It was a productive evening and we even made it out to meet up with some neighbors to plan out the plantings for the entrance to the block over beers! TGIF!

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