Paint-Free Mantle

Presenting: the paint-less mantle!

… after many hours of chemical stripping, sanding, and picking with random tools at the details. I had already spent a lot of time on this project in 2010 and then I also tried to remove the paint near the top when the stone was installed in 2011. So 2012 was the year to wrap it up. Here’s where it started this weekend:

I do not get along with the heat gun so Rob graciously helped me out on the last side of the mantel:

Then it was time to do some more chemical stripping and sanding; lead masks are important:

This was me for more than a few hours on Saturday… Just chillin in front of the fireplace with my arsenal of stripping / sanding tools. In addition to the palm sander I used a triangular sander attachment on the dremel.

After stripping… Not so hot:

After sanding… Hot:


So glad this step is d-o-n-e!

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