Lots of Options & Tweaking

McElf has sent us over a dozen versions of our window in the last few days tweaking and perfecting each element… getting the blue ribbons just right, adjusting the size of the torch, adding more to the center supporting element, etc

So we posted them all up on our office blackboard wall and stood back to look.

We went through circled the options we liked best and of course did some sketching and tweaks of our own.

It has been a really fun and collaborative design process but of course it has to end soon…

This was version 12 from McElf which is very close. What do you think of moving the dates to side and placing Madison Square in the middle? Maybe it should read madisonsquare.wordpress.com! That is probably too long, we will just have to buy madisonsquare.com!

A little more sketching and a little more CAD and we are there…

And the big part… construction, can begin! The materials have been ordered.

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