Baby Steps

We are trying to keep this project going forward amid all of the other life obligations … We did get a few things done this weekend. There was some more sanding & spackling….

The door jamb got packed out in Oak for the new trim.

And a few more corner blocks got stripped in the slow cooker.

They still need sanding but this method is so much easier than the heat gun!

And of course there were a few things done on the stain glass window. McElf is getting set up to start fabricating in the near future.

6 responses to “Baby Steps

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    • We decided on a whim to try the paint-stripping-in-a-crockpot method, which we used for metal door hardware before… Fill the pot with water, a little laundry soap and the corner block, then ‘cook’ on low for a few hours. The paint comes right off, then once they dried out we sanded them. So much easier than any other method!

      • and then did you paint the wood? if so how is the paint holding up? Seems like the wood would retain moisture after that long of a soak. But you’re right stripping rosettes with a heat gun, or chemical stripper is a real pain in the derrière so perhaps I will try the crock pot.

      • We’re haven’t finished them yet but we’re planning to stain/ poly. I should note that they’re only in the water for a few hours and then we let them dry out for a few weeks before sanding. I wouldn’t try applying any finish until you’re sure they’re completely dry. Good luck with your project!!

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