Check Off

Tonight Rob installed a custom door prop for the access panel to the hvac equipment. It even has a little magnetic catch to hold the swinging prop in place while the doors closed and securely holds the door while open. Check!

Then we spent some time vacuuming and cleaning out the enclosure. Check!

Next up was the pendant light. We decided on a height but currently it’s a plug in so we need to install a converter kit to switch it to hardwire. It came with a giant 23 watt cfl, apparently inspired by a California law that is trying to limit energy use in plug in residential lighting. Ok, we’ll take a free bulb… But 23 cfl watt = 100 incandescent watts = lots of light!


“after”… The light’s from cb2, and the white linen shade is just about the same color as the ceiling/ upper wall color. The converter canopy kit is from west elm, and will be nickel.


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