This weekend we were in north-east PA to meet our newborn niece (who is super cute). There’s an antiques / flea market in the Poconos that we always drive past, so while we were up there we decided to check it out.

We found this lovely versatile silver plated covered dish with a pyrex insert from the 50’s (?) which I (successfully) negotiated with the lady for. (Negotiating on small $ items is good practice for the bigger $ items)

It happened to help my negotiating case that it was extremely tarnished looking at the time. We happened to have silver polish at home and I knew how easy it is to use. Win:

Anyway, it inspired a semi – reorganization of our upper cabinets:

I’ll let you decide if this is the before or after:

2 responses to “Antiquing

  1. Obviously the second to last picture is before (cabinets closed) and the last is after (cabinet open). You can’t reorganize cabinets without opening them. Sillies :-p

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