Cover It Up!

So tonight it was finally time to close in the 2nd floor air handler. Here the opening is prep’ed for the hinges.

To improve acoustics we attached a thick felt carpet pad, that also had a rubber backing, to the inside of the enclosure door. Felt is great at absorbing sound energy, and the change of densities between the felt, rubber, and wood door also help reduce sound transfer. I knew what kind of door backing we wanted and it turned out a carpet pad was the least expensive way to buy bulk felt.

The door of course will work in concert with the rest of the enclosure which is lined with batt insulation. We want this to be a pleasant bedroom so minimizing HVAC noise is critical.

Here the door is finally hung. It hinges up for service access and will have a support member similar to a car hood to hold it open.

All done, including latches at the corners, and all covered up!

Kelly also got some painting done tonight on the doors while I fussed with the above door installation.

We are slooooowly getting back into renovating and finishing the house. : )

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