If Trees Could Talk

The new window’s in, but the old wood header still has some things to say… circa 1900 reno. Unfortunately, we can’t read a thing. Maybe the second piece says The Road?

It also has the coolest grain of any of the old wood we’ve seen. Unfortunately the majority of the header was falling apart and water damaged- if it all looked this great it would still be in the wall:

Here’s where I unknowingly sliced thru a nail. I don’t recommend trying it for safety reasons but doesn’t it look cool?

I was planning to just chop the old wood into pieces for the trash but when I discovered ~8″ of un-rotten, cool looking grain I had to make a few thin slices for fun. Have no idea what to do with them except decorate our dining room picture rail:

Any ideas what to do with these? I should probably look on pinterest or something. (Thanks for creating an addict, Laura.)

Ps: The dining room is still periwinkle, but I love the grey color it is in this iPhone pic. Could it be the sawdust from all my unneccessary chopping?

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