Now We Are Rolling

Time to build our sliding door for the basement.

We ripped down plywood to be the nailing rails, squared them to each other, and clamped them to a table to keep the door square while we build it.

For the face of the door, we used the scrap and left over tongue and groove boards from the new paneling we installed in our second floor bathroom.

We had to piece it together in a few areas but had just enough. To make the build go faster we squared the boards at the top of the door and then cut off the bottom once all the boards were attached.

The cat came out to help for a little bit as we finished up the door and installed the trolley brackets on top.

And up it went! You can see all the paneling nicely matches up.

Here is the shop inside view.

So the door is now rolling! And will keep the dust in and the cat out.

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