Cork Vote!- Update

Update: So far we have a tie between Medium & Pickup Strips which is perfect because those were our top two options. Tonight I tested the durability of the cork by purposely denting a few of the samples with a pair of heels. Within an hour the dents pretty much disappeared. I’m convinced.


Ok family, friends, and faithful blog followers.  It’s time for a vote!  The following cork samples are options for our guest bedroom.  Right now we each have a favorite so your comment may help break the tie!  Or, the fact that the one I like is the most expensive option might break the tie.  But either way, without further ado….

Pickup Strips:


2 responses to “Cork Vote!- Update

    • Ug, yes, of course the loveliest is more $… the room is tiny but it’s still hard to justify $2+ more/SF for something that’s going to be under a bed… but I could still be convinced.

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