Sawzall Happy

We got a sawzall and it is so handy for plaster/lath demo. Here it is cutting thru the wall:

Then all we had to do was push the lath & plaster thru:

And then pull down the non-structural framing. See the green closet shelf line to the right, where we ripped out the rest of the closet in the front orange bedroom:

Most of the demo’s done, pocket door frame is ordered, time to get some studs!

2 responses to “Sawzall Happy

  1. You guys are wayyyyyy busy. I just shook my head when I saw you knocked down the wall between the orange and purple rooms :-P. I’m going to use my hurricane mandated day off to clean up branches instead of destroying the inside of my house like some people I know.

    • We were shaking our heads, too, but I think you’ll agree the final result (4 1/2 closets) is worth one day of demo. Besides, we only had one stick to pick up on our garden – had to find something else to do.

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