AV Cabinet Catch Up

As part of the sill install, we spent some time thinking about the AV cabinet we’re creating under one window. With square footage at a minimum, we decided way back when to carve an area out of our mansard roof for all the ‘stuff’ that usually goes with tv watching/ music listening.

Before we got insulation up here we finished off the inside of the cab, knowing we’d have to vent the cabinet somehow. We drilled two holes and added a PVC sleeve to each:

Here it is from below, with our conduit running to the currently unused wall mtd tv location and computer desk. Those gray wires are speaker wires we ran pre- insulation:

New marble sill with drilled hole. Holes will get a cover:

The holes are to help with ventilation but we’re also planning to run a cord from below to a iPod docking station above.

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