A Little Inspiration, Please

Yes, the thought of turning a ~75 sqft room, the size of our (admittedly large) closet, into a lovely guestroom with a full size bed seems difficult.  Sure, a twin, fine.  But it’s not so far fetched- we’ve actually seen it in action!


  Look- a guest bed was in the room during our walk-through! 

So, it can be done, and the bed will actually fit.  There will actually be more breathing room, since those radiator pipes are long gone, and a new radiator is in the works… we’ll be set.

Still not going to be easy, but lucky for us there’s some great resources out there on the internets that inspire with small but beautiful guestrooms…

Nicole at Making it Lovely: http://makingitlovely.com/2008/03/28/the-guest-room/

Marianne at Songbird: http://www.songbirdisnesting.com/2010/09/decorating-small-guest-room-reveal.html

This functional little bedroom on www.homedit.com:

And this gem from www.apartmenttherapy.com:

Now I’m really feeling inspired!

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