Nine Months Later: Third Floor Naming Poll Results!

It is hard to sum up our third floor.  As the only large open space in the house, with lots of light and cool views, it generally serves many purposes (office, library, tv room, storage, deck access, guest room, where-the-fish-tank-is), so way back when, we set up a poll.  So, what won?

There were a lot of votes for “the Loft”, and a few interesting suggestions such as Rumpus Room, but my favorite was my brother Jeremy’s well thought out list of suggestions:

“I thought of some really terrible names for it. Like “The Jungle”, so you could be like “welcome to the jungle” in a Guns & Roses voice, or maybe “The Crow’s Nest” cause it’s really high up and when you’re up there you have to talk like a pirate. Or the “No Elephants Room” ’cause they can’t get up the stairs. Then I thought of “The Gibb/Piasecki Anti-Tidal Wave Support Center”, but I thought that might be too long.
“The Observatory” -> Too Pompous
“The Room-that-shall-not-be-Named” -> Too Harry Potter-ish
“The Basement” -> Already taken
“The Roof” -> Misleading
“The We’re ‘Not at Home’ Suite” -> We know you’re up there! You can’t hide!”

 …I promise we haven’t tried that last one (yet).

Only time will tell if any of these stick.  Honestly, we’ve been consistantly calling it “The Third Floor”- you just cant beat the originality & timelessness of it.

** This photo is actually from our inspection, hence our inspector in the background.

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