Dining Room Inspirations

We have more than a few projects to complete before we tackle the dining room, but we do have a few ideas bouncing around.  Here’s a sneak peak of what we’re thinking about, so you can be prepared for what expect when you come over for a future dinner or a birthday party 🙂

Green walls with cream wainscot:

A big table & a chandelier:

We’re going to reuse our existing unique picture/chair rail as the top of our wainscot… potentially could rest frames or what not:

We’re also thinking about adding crown moulding, perhaps a picture rail to mimic the original trim work the houses on our block had when they were first built:

Here’s the light fixture we’ve been eyeing up for a while now:

Another long drooled over item- a big copper dining room table:


And of course this is what we’re starting with:

half a chair rail! but at least the radiator pipes in the left hand corner are no longer there. gives us at least 1 more square foot 🙂

2 responses to “Dining Room Inspirations

  1. Things to think about: Crown molding is very annoying to install when your ceilings are crooked, sagging, uneven in any way. We learned this in my parents living room.

    • hmmm good point- but we’re planning to laminate the ceiling with new drywall first anyway, so hopefully that will at the very least take care of the uneven ceiling. what did they do where there were gaps, caulk?

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