Toilets, Toto & Dual Flush, Oh My

TOTO Toto Aquia Elongated 2 Piece Toilet CST416MThe TOTO Aquia II.

One look at this fine toilet and I was smitten

No… but really I did a TON of research on dual-flush toilets (which by the way are toilets that have 2 flush levels- a low flow flush button for … #1… and a regular flush button for … #2… lets just call it enviroment-friendly ). What I surprisingly discovered is that there are only approximately five or so options out there.  But within those 5 there are many options!  Cotton White, Colonial White, Bone White…. okay no.  In reality there is nothing jazzy about toilet research whether it be dual flush or regular flush or whatnot.   To add to the fun, there aren’t any dual flush toilets on the shelves at the box stores, and so I went online and found the best price for the one I deemed worthy, and went to order it.  BUT little did I know there is something called FREIGHT for heavy things like TOILETS.   AKA, UPS & Fedex men/women dont like picking up & delivering toilets which I understand because they’re apparently heavy.   What that means is most places want to charge over $100 to ship me a toilet via freight.   Hmm, no thanks.   I did manage to find a site with a reasonable price & free Freight shipping and hopefully our new toilet for the full-bath will be on its freighty way to us in short order.  

Toilet Research Officially Done.

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