Lighting Decisions

Lighting is a big focus right now, due to the fact our electrician will be starting work in less than a week.  The existing fixtures are okay but not original to the home or quite our style.  On top of that, despite the great daylighting there just isnt enough light in there right now once the sun sets.  So over the past few weeks we’ve kept our eyes peeled when lighting  reps come into the office, visited a local boutique shops and fancy showrooms, went to an antique lighting emporium and even checked out Lowes & Ikea for ideas.  This weekend we are going to try to hit up a few stores outside of center city to see what else we can find.  Luckily a great perk to being an architect is the architect/ designer discounts given by many in the business.  We dont get many of those so we are definitely going to try to take advantage while outfitting our new home!


  • 1 Front door fixture (Keep existing)- Switched
  • 2 down lights in dormers (South)- dusk vs motion sensors
  • 2 porch lights (North)- dusk vs motion sensors
  • 3rd floor deck lighting- all these fixtures need some thought

First Floor

Entry Hall, 2nd Flr Landing & Landing to 3rd Flr:

  • 4-5 total fixtures, 3 are existing- possibly use Tech Lighting Wilmette, clear glass w/ arch bronze finishLIGHTING- WILMETTE CLARK Clear w antique bronze fin

Living Room:

  • 1 central ceiling fixture- current fixture could stay “for now”
  • Downlights at North end of room

Dining Room:

  • 1 central ceiling fixture- current fixture could stay “for now” but what we really like is this

Rejuvenation- kings hill



  • 4-5 square recessed downlights
  • 2 downlights in same style as Living room
  • Undercabinet lighting- our electrician has a suggestion for this one
  • 2 pendant lights- for now we are going to hardwire our exg cheap but cute ikea dining room pendants
  • 1 Central ceiling fan (ron rezak artimede)

ron rezek ball fan

Half Bath:

  • Sconce or ceiling?  We still need to decide


Second Floor

Master Bedroom:

  • 5 downlights with wallwasher
  • 1 Central Fan (with or without light?)
  • 2 Bedside lamps- I’d eventually like to see something wall mounted, but for now I think we are going with table lamps

Master Bedroom Closet:

  • uplighting on top of wardrobe for ambient lighting
  • downlighting inside of wardrobe (ikea has good lighting for this)

Guest Bedroom:

  • 3 downlights with wallwasher (to highlight the bay window trim details)
  • 1 Central Fan (with light)

Third Bedroom:

  • 1 Central light- the current one will likely be replaced with an antique salvaged from Rob’s childhood home in Wilkes-Barre


  • 1 Central pendant – probably a sleek round white globe fixture
  • 2-3 (depending on mirror situation) sleek sconce fixtures at the sides of the mirror(s)

LIGHTING- artemide two by


Third Floor

  • 3 Downlights with wallwashers (to highlight built in bookcases)
  • Existing Ceiling fan (for now)
  • For ceiling light, we’ll probably use a corded fixture- possibly our living room light in our apartment now
  • Desk Lighting- need to think about this one. Probably desk lamps, so not a priority.


  • 5 strips of Flourescent lighting, probably 1×4 to fit between joists

See? Lots of fun!

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