Finishing Touches…

Kelly finished painting the ceiling border and took down the masking tape this weekend so we are now working on the finishing touches in the Living Room!

Our rewired, eBay special, antique Victorian light is installed inside the painted ellipse!

We actually mocked up both of the eBay special antique lights that we bought and rewired. We really liked this one but in the end went with the more open design. We may resell this one if we don’t use it elsewhere in the house.

As a bonus the chosen fixture includes “egg & dart” details that match some of the fireplace trim.

We also hung our new mirror. Here is the before.

The mirror is quite heavy and of course the studs are never right where you want them, so we cut two wood cleats on the table saw the width of the mirror.

The edges are both cut at 45 degrees and one is attached to the wall and the other on the back of the mirror. When you hang the mirror the cleats nest together making a very strong hanger.

Here is a detail of the frame:

In general we are really happy how everything has come together.

The room is finally a cozy parlor!

It’s hard to believe 3 years ago we started in this room with this?!

Different? Improvement?

2 responses to “Finishing Touches…

  1. “In general we are really happy…”‘ Good heavens!! What’s there to not be happy with? The room is stunning – just gorgeous.

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