Spring Planting for the Deck

It’s Spring time! And with the weather getting warmer we can’t wait to get outside and plant. So we started with an easy project… our deck.

It’s hard to believe its been 4 years since we built our planter boxes back in our deck renovation project in 2009.

Overall everything has held up well but we felt it was time to put in fresh dirt and replant our sedum.

The sedum has done great, which you can see from the shear amount of it we now have. However we were starting to get some bald spots last season probably from all the nutrients being gone from the soil and our soaker hose no longer evenly watering along its entire length.

So after removing all the old dirt we started over by installing new irrigation. This time we are using a RainBird plastic tube that has holes along its length.

And in went the new dirt and plants.

We replanted the sedum in the corners and then planted annuals between.

We are now ready for our Memorial Day barbecue!

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