Tip Of The Month

Have you ever read something on the internet and wondered if it’s too good to be true? Well last weekend we noticed the chrome on our bikes had started to rust over the snowy winter.

I remembered a tip/trick I had read in an email forward about Coca Cola 5 years ago (hopefully the peak of email forwards). You’ve probably read it too- coke cleans toilets, coke eats thru a nail in 24 hrs, coke reduces your IQ by 1 point a day, etc…
It suggested that ‘Coke & tinfoil will clean rust from your chrome car bumpers!!’ Clearly the chain email was written in 1955.

We dipped a wadded up piece of tinfoil in some flat coke and rubbed it on the chrome for a few seconds, wiped with a clean cloth, and you can see the before (below brake) and after (above brake):

Now we can confidently cruise around our shiny rides this sunny spring, knowing that everything on the internet *may* be true!

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