Love Lath

I’m interrupting the basement reno story with a quick sign project from earlier this summer for my sisters bridal shower… using only materials from our basement! Salvaged plaster lath was the main material, but I also used some other wood, spray paint, old paint samples, brushes, the nail gun and picture hooks. Technically I bought modge podge and foam brushes but didn’t end up using it (and now they’re in the basement for the next project). I started by pulling the nicest pieces from our bucket o lath.

Once I had played around with the pieces for a while I decided on a size for the sign, which side of the wood I wanted facing out, and lettering concept. Then I pulled the nails out. Very rustic!

Rob cut a big piece of thin scrap wood to cover the back of the lath and sprayed painted it black for me, then I nailed the lath into the backer board.
After a few failed attempts at the magical modge podge transfer method (google it) Rob suggested just covering the whole board in blue tape, then cutting the letters out of the tape. He’s so smart!

It took a while to cut out, but looked super crisp. Time to paint the letters!

We used 3-4 different shades of paint samples we had from various projects.

Here’s the final product, test hanging on the wall after Rob put a hook on the back:

I love the way it turned out, although I may be biased. My sister was able to use it as part of her outdoor wedding decor, and hopefully the newlyweds can hang it in their home as well! Anyone have any other ideas for reusing lath?

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