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When we first installed our whole house intercom / stereo in 2010 we only put in 5 remote stations Since then every time we did a new project we would say “Do you know what would go great in here? An intercom station!.” This has resulted in us fishing more wire through walls that already were closed up… fun!

We are currently working on the basement, so if there are any more wires to be pulled I want to do it now before we finish painting and put everything back. And after this project we are done with putting in new stations.

The only intercom station in the basement is on the laundry side, so it would be nice to have one in the shop.

We built this nice box, using the almost – complete shop of course, to mount the speaker to one of the beams.

Its conveniently located right next to the switches for the workbench, dust collector, and exhaust switches. (More posts on the shop to come).

Next up the Dining Room, right above the shop. Maddy helped me pick the location.

Its always fun to carefully cut into the old plaster walls so it doesn’t all fall apart and then try to fish your wire through the wall.

Lastly, we wanted to add one in the Kitchen, though Kelly was not happy about me cutting a hole and making a mess over the counter!

But it wasn’t a big mess and since we built this wall I know exactly what was inside, making it a lot easier to fish the wire through.

This intercom is going to be super helpful when we grill on the deck and need to call down to the Kitchen!

So all these wires had to go back to the main station and have been making a mess of our coat closet.

Some of the wires have been there for a while, such as from the orange bedroom project in 2011. just waiting for us to get around to opening the main terminal back up to make the connections.


After just a few more connections we were all set up. The CAT5e wire gets wired into these connectors that snap right into the board on the back of the terminal.


We now have stations in every occupied room of the house!

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