September Garden Update

It’s September, and we have the biggest basil yield EVER! These are growing in our alley planter and started from the little 4 plant pints. I made up some fresh pesto the other week for a pasta dinner and froze 2 more big servings and there was no visible dent in the plants. I’m planning to make more but first need to pick up cheese… hope you all like pesto because you’re probably getting it for your next birthday and Christmas.

Out front in the garden- the lariope are blooming (purple near tree), geraniums are blooming again, the inpatients pretty much stopped blooming, and everything is still green:

Critters: there are a few of these destructive plant munching little fuzzballs around, and lots of squirrels burying peanuts for winter.

In other news, our block placed Third in the 2013 Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s City Gardens ‘Greenest Block’ Contest this year! Its not First (2012) or Second (2011) but it’s better than Honorable Mention (2010)! It’s been a rainy and hot summer – tough for gardening- so we’re still excited to be on PHS’s radar after all these years.

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