Stealth Project

Happy New Year! To celebrate 2013 we’re blogging about a stealth mini project circa August 2012…

Sometimes project ideas happen by accident. This one happened when we were spray painting our living room radiator cover in the alley. A neighbor was moving and along with a few old chairs etc she brought out a beat up looking wood end table. Almost the whole thing had been painted and drawn on, with florescent nail polish and markers. I wish we had a before picture, but at the time I just thought it was the perfect height to temporarily prop up my radiator cover to paint. The open holes in the radiator cover combined with the metallic dark bronze paint created a graphic pattern layered over the previous designs, and I sort of fell for this much-loved piece. So I painted it white.

After gluing some pieces back on and removing others, and masking off the top of course:

After more cans of white spray paint than I care to admit… it finally found a home in the orange garden bedroom, with a giant plant on it:

It’s not perfect but that’s why I really like it:

My favorite part is still the top which turned out a little punk due to the previous miscellaneous paint job:

Even Maddy likes it:

So that about closes out 2012. Stay tuned for a wrap-up of our (bigger) projects from last year and our goals for 2013!

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