Wednesday: Windows & Wood

Tonight we had a productive, high tech, computer screen sharing, design review video conference call with McElf! Here’s a screen view (on our conference room at work) showing the color palette, renderings and the patient McElf:

We reviewed some details, got to see Maddie the dog, and settled in on a schedule.

When we got home we had some belated bday cake, served in our fancy, new to us, cake dome with flair. It used to be my grandparents, and I officially love it.

I’d like to say I got the cake at Termini Bros or DiBruno’s or some other fancy Philly bakery, but no…. I made it myself Monday night but we’re just now digging in.

This is a nice pic of Rob enjoying his cake… But also a good view of the layered cake:

Once the sugar rush hit, we got to work sorting and selecting oak trim for the various living room locations. It makes a difference because it’s all going to be stained with clear finish so we want similar pieces together. (Also we’re selective, deliberate, and have high standards, and these things are important to us.)

We also visited our basement wood stack! My, how it’s dwindled:

So that was our Wednesday!

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