Making Holes in Our House

Time to make a hole in the exterior wall for our kitchen exhaust!

To get started we drilled holes through the two wythes of brick.

This helped to take the bricks out with minimal disturbance to the adjacent wall and to mark out the hole all the way through to the outside.

The first couple bricks are always the hardest to get out but also the most rewarding…

Look I can see the outside!

Since we don’t want our house to fall down (especially since this opening is near the basement window and below the chimney), we installed a steel angle lintel, primed and painted for good measure, in the outer brick wythe.

The inside wythe got a pressure treated 4×4 lintel. So now everything is good and structurally sound.

I’ll be happy when I am done with this project, it’s tight working quarters in the corner of the basement. Just room for me and the hammer drill.

Well we have a hole & most importantly the louver fits! Next up stucco patching.

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