Cleaning & Prepping the Basement

When we cleaned out our former wood shop that was in the Dining Room (for the final L&I inspection), everything got shoved into the basement and it is still a mess to this day.

There is so much ‘stuff’ that we don’t know where to put it, but you know ‘we could use that someday’. : )

However to renovate this side of the basement we need some room to work… so we began to organize and purge.

Look there is a floor!

And now that there is some space to work, our first project is to install the kitchen exhaust fan… I was told it needed to get it done before Thanksgiving : )

The exhaust is going to exit out this corner of the basement.

There is this strange partial height brick wall over here for some unknown reason … maybe it was a coal bin? The wall needed to be lowered to make room for the ductwork and inline fan, so once again the Tool Library hammer drill came in real handy.

And now we have a big pile of bricks!

And finally tonight, We marked out the vent’s location on the wall and patched the existing masonry so it is ready to have a big hole cut into it!

Lastly, Here is our new louver on the outside of the house…

Hopefully tomorrow we will get to cut this 10″ hole!

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