Sandy Prep

Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on the East Coast, so we decided to err on the side of caution and make some preparations around our house yesterday. First up was bringing in and securing items on our deck, then trimming back some branches in the garden:

We did a final clean of the stained glass window and finallllly took the scaffolding down in the back porch area:

We also fixed our gutters, which has been on the to-do list since those darn scrappers took parts of them during the back gate project over the summer. It took 2 Home Depots open late but we did it:

Then we sandbagged our alley-side basement “window” (boarded up), since a storm over the summer completely flooded the alley, bringing water dangerously close:

We also put a tarp across the opening into our covered back porch area to keep out water blowing in from the north, and adds a layer of protection for our stained glass window from anything potentially blowing around the alley:

These are mostly pics of Rob but don’t worry, I was helping too. For instance I cleaned up the cut branches, moved potted plants and pumpkins inside, and put the Halloween candy into bowls:

Hurricane Sandy is almost here, do stay safe and dry out there, friends!!

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