Mirror Mania

Our very first Madison Square purchase was a 1940’s mirror for above our mantel at an antique shop near Onancock, VA, the weekend before we settled. It seemed HUGE when we bought it, but that mirror ended up being too small at ‘only’ ~ 28″ x 36″ (but perfect for our walk in closet). Ever since we have been on the lookout for the perfectly-sized/ perfectly-ornate/ perfectly-priced mirror. Good things come to those who wait…

Well this story is not so unusual for us- Rob chanced upon a great deal. Literally ‘I brake for mirrors’ and he hopped off his bike last week on Chestnut & 20th Street in front of a frame shop with a random sidewalk sale. Friday we measured our wall above the mantel and Saturday afternoon we took a look together at the store. Sunday we did the mockup above, and Monday… well you can guess by now…

A little wheel and deal and the owner actually delivered to our front door! I love Philly. Here’s the horizontal:

I’m a little short for a true scale figure, but here you go. I imagine I stood here 5+ minutes admiring our new addition in its likely orientation:


Amazing, but true- we also walked out with two additional frames: perfectly-sized for the prints we bought on our Russia trip in St Petersburg… it was just meant to be. These were made from leftover frame pieces, with mats and cut glass- already a bargain, and we still got a deal on top of that. So there’s our tip of the day- check out your local frame shop!

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