Lighting Opportunity

Having a curved wall in the Living Room and Half Bath looks great but has its challenges like how to mount a flat mirror on a curved wall?! Yet it also offers an opportunity to be creative with both the mirror and lighting.

One of our original ideas for the half bath was to mount a mirror off of the wall and install a light behind to illuminate all sides and to wash light across the curved wall.

For the light we modified a socket from an old ceiling fixture and mounted it to a new back plate.

The floating mirror will be supported by angle brackets at the top & bottom. We need to minimize the mounting points to limit the number of shadows.

For the mirror, we searched for an antique mirror that was the right proportion (narrow & tall) to fit the space and in the end we found the right size and best deal at Ikea of all places.

So here it is hung and lite up!

And now the floating glowing mirror without the overhead light. This will be good to leave on during parties.

The view of the ceiling. You can see the mirror is tall and perfectly fills the space.

We will likely play with the fixture and lamping some more to get the best possible wash but this is a great start.

This is not a bad mirror for a remake and was very affordable. I’m a sucker for the beveled glass.

The mirror also makes the room look & feel bigger!

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