Another Planter Box?!

So tonight we finally got to the fun task of planting the box over top of our new back gate.

The box is lined with a scrap roof membrane, and has drains at both ends.

The drains are covered in mesh and then gravel to allow for drainage without loosing dirt. So now it’s time to plant!

We have been growing tomatoes from earlier in the summer in anticipation of our new planter and also have some peppers.

In addition for color we planted some flowers between the veggies including Wax Begonias and Impatiens. Lastly at the ends we have Sedum since it is so hardy, will come back from year to year, and looks great as it droops out of the box.

It’s great to see plants from the kitchen door and will be great to have herbs and veggies within a short reach soon enough.

It is a little late in the season to plant but this will be our trial year to see what we want to do next year.

Since we are always multitasking, I also cleaned the windows tonight. We got some stucco on them during the last project which really needed to be cleaned off. So the trick to cleaning mortar off of windows … Vinegar! It’s acidic enough to dissolve and loosen the mortar without damaging the powder coat finish on the aluminum. It is also nontoxic unlike muriatic acid. Worked like a charm! We have been using vinegar for all types of household cleaning… Give it a try.

2 responses to “Another Planter Box?!

  1. I made lavender vinegar and orange vinegar for anything that I want to clean but is in public space. All you have to do is put orange peels or lavender sprigs in a mason jar with vinegar for 4-6 weeks and you end up with some sweet, scented vinegar.

  2. So smart Laura. I wonder how it would work with lemons? Question about the vinegar… have you found anything you shouldn’t spray it on? Or is it safe for pretty much everything?

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