Awesome Red

So tonight we finally got back to painting our new gate. Bye bye lilac.

We choose red to be consistent with the color we had selected for the aluminum clad windows we installed on this side of the house. Red is also a traditional house color, has a lot of energy, and the previous owners had also done some red accents.

And all done for now, though we still need to do a second coat at some point.

We hope to plant the planter box on top of the gate this week.

We also finally got our bathroom exhaust vent back in and caulked around the window with tan silicon that blends in nicely. Our neighbors have been very accommodating letting us install and work on this window from their yard!

2 responses to “Awesome Red

    • Thanks for following along Leslie! I have to say I checked out your blog and you guys aren’t doing so bad yourself!

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