Stained Glass Window Before & After

We have a ton of great photos from our stained glass window installation two weeks ago that we still have not posted! So this is the first in a series of posts about this great project.

Let’s start with the before and afters. Believe it or not this is the same room, the photo was taken when we bought the house.  No window, half bath, credenza, closet, opening to kitchen, stained oak trim, etc…

Then fast forward to now, everything is finished around the window but the plywood from whenever the glass was removed was still in. The little streak of light at the top is from where I started removing the trim holding the plywood in.

And out the plywood went and light streamed into the room! It completely refocused the room. This opening faces north but we get a lot of reflected light.

And slowly the new glass went in! There will be another post with all the details…

And all done. It’s really a wonderful room to spend time in day or night, and a complete transformation. At night the window is illuminated by our porch sconces & the alley street light.

Of course the light during the day brings out all of the colors.

On the exterior, this was the before.  We knew something was once there because the frames were still intact on the outside- the openings were simply plywooded over and painted.  It’s good that the previous owners did not take the effort to completely remove it.  Based on how it was covered over on the interior with an old-school version of drywall, we think the glass from this window and a few others were removed in the 1960’s.  Other work done around that time: the installation of  some useful but ill-placed closets in two of the bedrooms and the living room. (Which we have removed and reconfigured… sorry, 1960’s.)

Once opened we had to do some rebuilding of the frame, more to come about that.

And this is the finished exterior. Just needs a little paint.

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