Powder Room Finishing Touches

In preparation for our final inspection we had lots of odds & ends to finish… Such as installing the toilet in the half bath.

You may remember that Kelly was not going to let me put the old toilet back when I took it out to install the trim… So here we are with a new, dual flush, toilet.

Toilets generally go in pretty easy, of course the old anchor bolts were a little too long so I had to get cozy on the floor with a hack saw to cut them off.

So this is what a dual flush mechanism looks like. The blue button is the half flush which drops the stop once about half the water leaves the tank.

The mechanism is very similar to our ToTo daul flush toilet upstairs. Since this was a last minute decision, we had a smaller budget then upstairs so after much research we selected this American Standard toilet for under $200. So far it seems to work great.

It’s pretty amazing in the last 2 years how many more dual flush toilets are on the market compared to last time we did the research. It’s an area that we are way behind Europe on and it makes a huge impact on water conservation… so it’s great to see.

We didn’t go with an elongated seat to minimize the toilets footprint in this small room and in general this toilet is much smaller than the old one making the room feel a little bigger.

American Standard also makes a slow close wood seat which goes great with the rest of the wood.

The sink also got their cabinet doors, though we still need to order the pulls which will double as a towel rack.

And lastly we switched out the decor light switch with a push button to match the other 1st floor switches.

And the cover plate is oil rubbed bronze to match the rest of the hardware. I still need to pick up a black GFI to replace the white one, but we are really close!

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