Finishes Blur

The past few days have been a blur of living room finishing activity. The last coat of clear poly is on all the trim:

Then we cleaned / dusted all the walls and ceiling using this extendable dusting tool that was rediscovered… It came with the house … I don’t remember when we primed in here but there’s been lots of sawdust floating around since then. You can see where I cut in last time, with another color, before we changed our minds:

Paint time! We put the first coat on the ceiling. There will be a painted perimeter border on the ceiling in lieu of crown moulding, so no need to cut in. Also the light looks like a UFO:

Then spent many many many hours cutting -in around all the trim, listening to xpn. And to think I used to shun cutting -in. Ps I got a haircut Friday just in time for the heat:

Then rolled on the first wall coat, in BM’s Virginia Beach:

It’s warm, hyggelig, multidimensional, and looks fantastic with the oak. We also used it in the guest bedroom. After 99 test sample colors we actually chose one and it really works with how we want this room to feel!

So just one coat of wall and ceiling left to do (after a paint run)!

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