Too Much To Say… Friday

Somehow between work, trips to the farmers market, grocery store and post office, we got a lot done today. We even jumped in the garden to weed and refill the bird feeder on a pulley:

I put the 2nd coat of poly on the doors in the alley:

Rob was inside and got a lot done on the half bath trim. Before:

Never too late to make changes… Rob decided that we needed to add an outlet to the bathroom baseboard. The stars aligned, we had all the parts we needed and I sighed and continued poly-ing.

Installing toe kick in tight conditions. Practicing yoga helps our house reno:

Sexy bathroom base:

Rob also invoked his mad jigsaw-skills and scribed the base to the brick:

While I waited for the poly to dry I started taking up all the cardboard floor in the living room.

Zzzzzrrrpp WHAT?

(that’s a stop the record sound)
Yes. Believe it.

Serious work. We put the protective blue foam board down the first weekend after we bought the house in August 2009 and it hasn’t been up since. Then we started layering cardboard on top as we had it until we were convinced the floor wasn’t getting dented when we tossed tools around. So: Lots Of Layers. Mid way:

Seeing them again for the first (ok, so maybe the 15th) time:

Why haven’t we seen these in almost 3 years? Much better than cardboard brown:

Okay, so nice floors but we’re not done yet. Brought the doors inside for the 3rd coat of poly:

Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

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