More Trim…

Now that the curved wall is complete it’s time to finish the rest of the trim.

Most of the middle section was up but almost all the caps & shoe moldings need to be installed.

Typically, at the inside corners we extend one side all the way in and then scribe the next piece to fit over top. This allows for some movement and is more forgiving in an old house with less than perfect 90 degree corners. Our scroll saw that I got in college to build models works great for this.

There are also some outside corners that did needed to be mitered.

For the baseboard termination at the kitchen entry, we decided to create an end block for an easy & durable detail.

We first glued up the wood to get the proper depth and than ripped the block down to the proper size.

Then we added some profiles on the router table to match the other trim, and up it went!

And since we already had the router table out we also milled the door stops for the closet.

A little more trim to go and then we will be ready to stain & poly!

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