Window Stalkers!

The lovely stained glass window artist  McElf is quite the busy bee up in Buffalo! Lucky for us (and you) she’s taking lots of progress pictures along the way – and since we LOVE progress – here’s a sneak peek of what’s happening *right now* in her studio:

The glass arrived! Here’s the amazing crate job, not leaving anything to chance when it comes to transporting glass:

Okay, okay. That was a teaser.  Here’s a sneak peak of some of the unpacked glass. Scrumptious:

McElf working in her studio on the cartoon, aka the full size pattern. What a great drafting table!

Cartoon complete, and testing out some of the glass:

The curved forms! The window will be built on top of these, and then they’ll be used to transport the completed window to Philly:

Attaching the cartoon to the forms, and laying out some pieces:

We are so excited to watch the magic unfold!

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